In our this post, we will introduce the braces types. Orthodontic treatment is the treatment of jaw disorders with aesthetic surgery. The jaw is operated by an expert plastic and surgical team. It is a treatment especially applied to adults and adolescents. The force transmitting factors called braces are adhered […]

In general, orthodontic treatment in teeth braces applications consists of two phases. First stage is Active Stage and the second one is Protection Stage. At the first stage,  The fact that the teeth are properly seated and the closing of the teeth is healthy, the teeth juxtaposition is parallel to […]

As we wrote before the biggest factor that causes braces pain is incorrect cleaning methods. In this article you will find the right methods to clean your teeth with braces and your dental wires. Dentists and orthodontists say that you should brush your teeth up and down and circularly in […]

With the technological innovations, new methods are developing day by day in orthodontic treatments.  One of the state-of-the-art treatment methods is invisual invisalign braces treatment.  Invisaling is a wire-free orthodontic treatment that is applied to the teeth in order to get away from the teeth with specially designed transparent plates […]

The greatest advantage dental braces is having healthy and aesthetic teeth. Many people cannot laugh because of fkewness and disorder of their theeth or jaw problems. Orthodontist who they visit for these problems solve their problems by performing many various methods after looking up the x-ray results and a detailed […]

The most important point is to give the patient the right diagnosis for serial teeth extraction. Serial tooth extraction is a treatment method that is applied to individuals who are determined to see a real orthodontic treatment in the future with a real narrowness in the period of having crooked […]