Orthodontics is a dental specialty that studies, prevents and corrects alterations in dental development, the dental arches and the position of the jaws, in order to restore the morphological and functional balance. How Can I get to the best orthodontist? Types of orthodontics according to age brackets-metalicos-imoi Different types of […]

What are the types of aesthetic braces? In the IMOI we put different types of aesthetic brackets depending on the patient’s previous dental study. Our main recommendation is that you book a visit to our clinics in Barcelona and Ibiza to be able to carry out a complete dental study […]

Do I need dental braces before implant? Sometimes, in the absence of a dental piece, the implantologist recommends an orthodontic treatment to prepare the space where the implant will be placed. The absence of a dental piece can generate the following problems: Greater chewing and therefore greater wear on the […]