As everybody knows, technology is developin in each field of our lives. As a result of this, many new kinds of treatment appear all over the World. One of these developments is in the field of crooked teeth treatment. Because there are many ways to treat crooked teeth with In […]

Initial Inspection and Treatment Planning A general intra-oral examination of  affected patients is performed first. During this examination: -The general health status of the patients in terms of medicine and dentistry is questioned. If there are health problems that will affect the treatment process, the necessary precautions are taken and […]

Jaw joint dysfunction is a combination of painful symptoms affecting the jaw joints. The joints are composed of the temporal bone of the skull (mandible-bula) and jaw muscles. Symptoms Chewing or disability of chewing, cheeky noise while chewing, dirty jaw, jaw pain, feeling of hitting temples, shoulder pain are some […]


Breaking or Sinking into of Arc Wires The ends of the arc wires can change direction by brushing teeth, or the wires can start to come longer as the teeth move and settle in place during treatment. Since the arc wires are made of steel, spontaneous expansion is not possible. […]

If you you start reading this article, you may have a new stlye in your mouth. You may have a new friend who is always with you. The first question of patients who need dental treatment is “How to get braces on?” In this post we will try to share […]


In our this post, we will introduce the braces types. Orthodontic treatment is the treatment of jaw disorders with aesthetic surgery. The jaw is operated by an expert plastic and surgical team. It is a treatment especially applied to adults and adolescents. The force transmitting factors called braces are adhered […]