Answers to these questions will make your decision process is clear and you will be informed about your treatment so that your possible treatment will be more positive. What you need to ask your orthodontist are: – Will invisalign braces (transparent plates) be useful to me? If not, why? – […]

Orthodontics, commonly known as dental braces, is treatment consisting of the detections of disorders that occur in the face and jaw area and for their compatibility with one’s face. This article has been written to give general information about orthodontics. What should be considered before deciding on dental braces treatment? […]


Teeth braces attached people’s teeth as a result of disorders in people’s teeth can solve these problems in 1-2 year(s). The increase in its usage and expenditure on health has resulted in an increase in dental wires and orthodontic prices. For this reason, people have to investigate these prices and […]

Are you getting old and you have crooked teeth? Do you have some questions about braces for adults? We hope we can answer the questions in your mind. The most ideal age for orthodontics, treatment of crooked teeth and jaw disorders, is in the childhood ages. However, adults who miss […]