How should you use your toothbrush? Dental brushes vary in size, shape, and lining, stiffness and length of bristles. It is advisable to replace the brush every 4 months on average. With the hard and wrong brushing technique, gum removal, loss of material on the tooth surface and tenderness are […]

Reasons for Dental Cleaning; Good oral care is important not only for appearance but also for general health. Bad oral hygiene causes gum disease, infection, bone loss, heart disease, heart attack and various other dental and medical health problems. 1.Oral Cancer Prevention it is reported that one person loses their […]

You can find recommendations for your baby and your children in order to get them to brushing teeth habits. How can I learn my child’s tooth brushing habits? – Brush your own teeth as your child brushes their teeth, – Get him some toothbrushes. These brushes should be different colors […]

There are three main factors in the formation of tooth decay: a sensitive tooth surface, food waste suitable for microorganisms, the presence of microorganisms that will cause their breakdown and acid formation. The most common cause of tooth decay in foods is carbohydrates. If the teeth are regularly brushed and […]

How can I whiten my teeth? The enamel, which is the first layer of the tooth, is actually a transparent structure with light transparency. Dentin layer below the enamel is usually yellow, but sometimes it can also be gray, brown or black. The tooth color is determined by the color […]

A 6-8 month-baby startS to have his first teeth. When they are 2.5-3 years old, the number of them reaches about 20. Functioning the milk teeth while ensuring that the appearance of the child’s feeding and speaking is proper; On the other hand to prepare the ground for permanent teeth […]