“Transparent Plates”, which are commonly known as “Transparent Braces” should not be thought as other transparent and aesthetic brackets such as porcelain-ceramic and lingual teeth braces.  One of the most confusing questions about orthodontic treatment is transparent denta bracesl and transparent correction plates (invisalign) because they are both transparent. Brackets […]

Gap between the teeth, discoloration, tortuosity and teeth or the opposite the case of congestion and space shortage appear after milk teeth have emerged. Let’s see the reasons of crooked teeth? Why do you have them. High genetic factors such as 80% Early removal of milk teeth Malnutrition: Teeth can […]

Transparent plaques are known to be transparent teeth braces by the public although they are not so in fact. Because of this reason they are confused with stable dental braces. Porcelain, ceramic types provide a more aesthetic appearance during treatment. So the are also known as transparent brackets. Patients should […]

You can solve most of these problems at home with some details that the orthodontist tell you. If you cannot solve these problems, you should visit your orthodontist. Removing or Breaking Braces The breakage or removal of braces is usually caused by eating hard food. The adhesive on the braces […]

If you are uncomfortable with the orthodontic problem in the advanced level and the view of the braces and cannot get the desired result with your invisalign braces, ceramic dental braces may be the best option for you. They provide a more aesthetic appearance throughout the treatment because they are […]

There are many reasons for this. First of all, it is necessary to apply an external force so that the muscle and bone structure is in a stable position. If this force is not given by orthodontic treatment, your teeth can not move for a proper position. At least there […]