There are many reasons for this. First of all, it is necessary to apply an external force so that the muscle and bone structure is in a stable position. If this force is not given by orthodontic treatment, your teeth can not move for a proper position. At least there […]

The amount of confusion in the patient’s teeth, the measure taken from the teeth, the patient’s profile, the patient’s facial structure and bone age, and x-ray analyzes are examined. Only the model analysis is not enough to ensure that the decision of tooth extraction can be given in a healthy […]

The following orthodontic treatment steps First Examination Preparation Diagnosis and Planning Orthodontic Treatment Process (Active Treatment) Strengthening Treatment (Passive Treatment) If you are seeing disorders such as jarring, tightness, dislocatİon in your teeth or problems in your jaws you should go to your dentitst or orthodontist in order to be […]

Orthodontic treatment is the most commonly used method for correcting distorted and crooked teeth. There is no age for orthodontic treatment in skewed or crooked teeth. If you do not have a skeletal disorder, your crooked, skewed, discrete teeth can be treated. at every age by orthodontic treatment. It is […]

When your treatment is over, the dental wires and braces must be removed. There are special materials used to remove them. With these materials, all aparatuses in your mouth are removed in one minute. It is very simple to remove them and takes a very short time. After this stage, […]

Dental attachment is a painless and painless process. Patients who are in need of dental braces usually get nervous in the first meeting. They say that they do not think that it is so easily and are surprised after the process. If you are going to be applied to this […]

Tooth extraction can be done if it is necessary. In order to determine this, a dentist or orthodontist must examine you and make a decision accordingly. If this decision is made by specialists, you will not suffer any harm, on the contrary, it will be useful for your orthodontic treatment’s […]